Supriya Rakesh is a writer and social researcher from Mumbai, India. Her stories are often set in urban India, exploring the lives and choices of young adults in a society-in-transition.

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  • On Tea Garden

    The story is wonderfully written and explores the nuances and subtle emotions in a new evolving relationship. Supriya beautifully narrates Radha’s quest for a happily-ever-after.

    Madhuri Borade, Avid Reader

  • On Ilaa Turns into a Woman

    I was truly bowled over by how deftly she handled a very sensitive and pervasive social issue. This is a grim reality for young girls in rural India, written evocatively by Supriya.

    Priyanka Pradhan, Author of Tales from the Himalayas

  • On Monkey on Her Chain

    Supriya manages to weave a tale of conflicting emotions and acceptance with a pinch of humour. A perfect read for quiet afternoons with a cuppa.

    Ambika S., Author of Death in Colaba Bay (Coming Soon)