Fiction & Poetry

Recent Publications

Fire Therapy
Auto-fiction | Muse India: Love In The Pandemic

Younger Me
Poetry | The Night Owl Writes

How theatre transformed my relationship with my body

Personal Essay | My Swiss Story: Body Positivity Project

The Penthouse
Fiction | Pop The Culture Pill: Food Issue (Sep 2021), Pg 59

Short Fiction

The Good Girl

Robbie D’Costa was a student of philosophy and quite the player. Enter Maggie Pereira- naive, god-fearing, and immune to his charms. A coming-of-age love story, narrated with humour and nostalgia, from the point of view of a much older Robbie. 

Published on Setu Bilingual.

Ilaa turns into a Woman

Situated in 19th century Maharashtra, the story draws upon history and mythology to talk about young Ilaa inflicted by a strange curse. What will she do to fight this curse? 

Published on Kitaab.

What were we?

Seven years after their college graduation, two friends bump into each other on the streets of Mumbai. As they reminisce about the past and share updates on their lives, will they confront the question left unspoken between them- were they just friends, or was there something more?

Published on Active Muse.

Sea Creature, Land Creature

She was a creature of the sea, not quite fitting in with the dull land creatures. Building things, marking territories, a life of constant struggle and competition. Her husband was one of them. Can land creatures and sea creatures truly belong together?

Published on Literary Yard.


Mandy dreads her college reunion and makes a mental note of all her life accomplishments. Decent job, boyfriend and marriage, travelled around the world, published author. But forgets one tiny important detail! A story about old BFFs and frenemies, beauty standards and diet plans, and finally, most importantly food!

Published in Issue II of ang(st) zine, Reprint as Fat in Borderless Journal and Gleam Anthology.

The Monkey on Her Chain

It was important to Priya that all things were perfect, every decision correct and all outcomes, predictable. That was till her encounter with the monkey on a chain. The charmer entered her life and temptation stuck like never before! Will the devil monkey made Priya go rogue? Or will she put an end to this affair?

Published in Borderless Journal. Previously in Dastaan World Magazine.

Tea Garden

Radha and Viren are practically strangers, now engaged to marry. As they navigate the path of an ‘arranged’ courtship, we travel with them- from past to present, from Delhi to Baroda, from detachment to intimacy, as they finally meet their destiny at Rose tea gardens in Darjeeling. Amidst the mountain air and the fresh-scented tea, will their romance brew into a delectable concoction? Or will the tea run cold and bitter?

Published in Rapture Anthology. Reprint in CultureCult Magazine.

The Multi-coloured stole

On a dark, rainy December evening, a girl sits by the window, reading by the flickering candle light, alone, heart-broken and a little blue. The phone rings with an unexpected good bye call, the love of her life leaving forever. Hoping to see him one last time, she sets out into the stormy night, only a multi-coloured stole for warmth. Will she reach him in time? Can she make him change his mind?

Published in The Other anthology.


Sisyphean Strivings published in Dreamscapes anthology

Affirmations of a Living body published in ang(st) zine

Spilling Words published on Spillwords

Roots published on Spillwords

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