Career transitions, Work identities, Meaning of work, Social constructive and relational perspectives

Transitions out of corporate careers: Accounts of individuals from India

Through life stories of 12 career changers, my PhD research explores how individuals make meaning of radical, non-institutionalized career changes that deviate from the dominant career scripts in their social contexts.

Gender and Social Identities

Gender and intersection with other identities, social roles, power in organizational contexts

Meaning and Identity Implications of Age 30: Experiences of Women Professionals from India

This article examines tensions and contradictions in social norms at the intersection of age and gender, and barriers to realization of strong career identities in women around age 30.

Representation of social actors in the participatory journalism process-a case from India

This study throws light on the roles, identities, power, and relations between social actors in the organized participatory journalism process.

Art-based Learning

Applied theatre, Storytelling, Metaphors, Art in education and development

Who is Calling the Shots? Using Boal’s Theatre to Enhance Reflexivity in the MBA Classroom

An account of our experience, of adapting “Cop in the Head” techniques in the management classroom. Our use of Boal’s theatre in this format provides a playful, non-threatening and experiential approach for reflection, reflexivity and dialogue. 

Cops in the Head a Case Based Experiential Activity to Facilitate Authentic Career Crafting

Write up of a case with detailed facilitation instructions, that can be used to conduct an experiential theatre activity on career decision making.

Where is the Dragon? A Workshop on Courage and Resilience in Turbulent Times in “Emergence: Sculpting New Thinking”

This book chapter outlines the conceptual background and approach of our arts-based workshop, using storytelling and metaphors to explore lived experience during the pandemic.