Courses and Workshops

I am a creative facilitator working at the intersection of art, leadership and personal growth. I offer workshops and immersive courses that enable reflection, dialogue and transformation in individuals, organisations, and communities.

My Focus: Emotional well-being, Creativity, Resilience, Collaboration, Career and life transitions

My Tools: Psychology, Coaching, Storytelling, Theatre, Art

My Approach: Creating playful, non-judgemental and nourishing spaces for experiential engagement and gentle exploration

Psychodrama Playback Theatre Counselling Improv Transactional Analysis Theatre Of The Oppressed Positive Psychology Narratives

Other Credentials

  • PhD in Organizational Behaviour from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore
  • 15+ years of experience across corporates, research, consulting and education
  • Visiting Faculty at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS, Mumbai)
  • Published author and researcher. Read my publications here.

Workshops (60 – 120 minutes)

Can be customized for business organizations, university classrooms, artists and creative professionals

Where is the Dragon?: A storytelling workshop on courage and resilience

I use narrative, metaphor, and art as tools to help participants map their life as an adventure story, encounter their personal dragons, and uncover their unique repertoire of skills and strategies to fight these dragons.

Conducted at the ABS Summit, 2021 | Book chapter published in Emergence: Sculpting New Thinking

Improvised Leadership: Cultivating creativity and collaboration

I use improv theatre exercises and the ‘Yes/And’ principle to help participants cultivate creativity, spontaneity, collaboration, intuition and future-ready openness to unpredictable change.

Conducted for creatives at the Bound Writers’ Retreat.

Who Is Calling The Shots?: Unpacking inner conflicts and dilemmas

I use theatre and psychodrama techniques like ‘Cops In The Head’ to help individuals explore and interrogate the inner voices and multiple perspectives that influence their complex decisions.

Research paper published in Organized Aesthetics journal.

Charm or Be Charmed: A theatre-based exploration of leadership, power, and conformity

Guided by exercises from community theatre, I guide participants into reflecting upon their responses, beliefs, and values towards power dynamics in group situations.


(15 to 30 hours)

Art and Organisational Development

This post-graduate course uses an experiential, reflexive approach to explore the intersection between art and organisational life. Participants connect with their inner creativity, adopt an artist’s lens to understand human phenomena, and learn to design their own arts-based developmental interventions for organisations.

Ideal for executive and post-graduate students of HR, management, organisational development, and leadership

Offered at TISS, Mumbai



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