Courses and Workshops

I am a creative facilitator working at the intersection of art and development. I create and conduct workshops and immersive courses for for individuals, organisations and communities.

My Focus: Emotional well-being, Personal Growth, Creativity, Resilience, Collaboration, Leadership, Career choice and change

My Tools: Psychology, Coaching, Storytelling, Theatre, Art

Certifications And Applications

Psychodrama Playback Theatre Personal Counselling Improv Transactional Analysis Theatre Of The Oppressed Positive Psychology

Other Credentials

  • PhD in Organizational Behaviour from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore
  • 12+ years of experience in HR and Org Behaviour working in corporates, research and facilitation
  • Visiting Faculty at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS, Mumbai)
  • Published author and researcher. Read my publications here.

Courses And Workshops

Where is the Dragon? A Workshop on Courage and Resilience in Turbulent times

Mapping their pandemic experience as an adventure story, participants encounter their personal dragons and discover their repertoire of resilience strategies to fight these dragons.

Improvised Tales

Guided by principles of improv theatre, participants play games and activities to cultivate creativity, spontaneity, collaboration, and a ‘Yes/And’ approach to work and life

Art and Organizational Development

This post-graduate course for executives and students of HR, organisational development and leadership uncovers: linkages between art and organisational life, an arts-based approach to meaning and human experience, and how to design and deliver your own arts-based intervention.

Who Is Calling The Shots?

A career decision and its inherent dilemmas are examined from diverse perspectives of career stakeholders, using applied theatre and psychodrama.

Charm or Be Charmed

Guided by exercises from Theatre of the Oppressed framework, participants enact and reflect on their actions and responses, choices and preferences (to) leadership, power and conformity



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